This is our favorite recipe and seriously easiest smoothie to make. 

Banana and almond milk make it super thick and creamy, while the berries give it a beautiful color and a sweet, fruity and fresh flavour. Its a delicious mix of beautiful ingredients – Check it out!

Thick and deliciously creamy with the banana and almond milk, beautiful color and a sweet, fruity and fresh flavour cause of the berries! The spinach gives you a good dose of revitalising greens so that you’ll be glowing from the inside out all day!

Ofcourse you can vary the recipe as you like – medjool dates for more sweetness, almond cream for extra creamyness or kale instead of spinach – for a extra add on we also love chia seeds or hemp seeds. 

MosaiiqueBlog_Collage_smoothie2 All these delicious ingredients together do keep you satisfied and energised all morning as they give you so much fibre, plant protein and an amazing array of health-boosting vitamins and minerals.

This is all you need: 

1 ripe banana

1 big handful of spinach 

1 handful of (frozen) berries 

1/2 a cup of rice almond milk (our favorite)

– 1 tablespoon of chia seeds


2 medjool dates

hemp protein powder

Simply peel the banana and pit the dates, wash the spinach leaves and fruits – then pour everything into your blender and blend until smooth!

You can enjoy it as soon as everything is mixed together and fresh out of the jar – enjoy the full yumminess !